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156 Big Mistakes: Even Smart Salon Owners Make to Lose Clients Permanently

Are you losing clients?

Are you struggling to retain clients?

Are you struggling to grow your salon business?

This eBook provides 156 big mistakes across 36 categories even smart salon owners make to lose client permanently.

What this eBook is all about?

Losing a client is a double blow because not only do you lose referral opportunities but also they may bad mouth you and consequently, you may lose even more clients at some point in time.

This eBook provides 156 ways you may lose clients across 36 categories.

How to use this eBook?

• You can go through this individually but it’s more beneficial if you can do this exercise with your team
• In this eBook 156 possible ways, you could lose client have been mentioned in the 36 categories as follows.

• For each reason, there are 6 options. Choose which is applicable to you
1. Never
2. Rarely
3. Sometimes
4. Often
5. Always
6. Not applicable

• Compile the findings. Now pick reason which has mentioned Always as that reason could be the biggest why you may be losing a client. Try to improve.
• Go through Often and Sometimes reason as well and try to improve where possible.
• Repeat this exercise every quarter with your team.


• You can always get the print out of this eBook and do the exercise.
• Alternatively, you can use our ready-made software to go through this exercise with your team.
• It would more effective and efficient to do using the online software especially when multiple people want to do do this exercise.
• You can also add/update/delete categories and criteria to suit your needs.
• Send an email to hitesh@getgrowthexperts.coms, if you want to find out more about software.

Who is this eBook for?

Anyone who is associated with beauty salon industry such as

• Beauty Salon Owner
• Beauty Salon Managers
• Beauty Salon Business Coach/Consultant
• Digital Marketing Agency specialised for Beauty Salon

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