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Breakthrough Customer Growth: 15 Proven Ways to Help You Get and Retain Customers While Growing Sales Swiftly and Effectively E-Book

• Are you struggling to generate sales using CRM?
• Do you want to get more new customers?
• Do you want to generate even more sales?
• Are you looking for Sales Transformation?
One of the most comprehensive CRM Book on Sales recommend by the world-class CRM experts.

Author has spent more than 800 hours. It is one of the most comprehensive books on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which deals with the sales side. The book is vendor agnostic i.e. it’s not biased towards any particular CRM.

The book is very easy to read and follow. It’s simple, relevant and practical. It has everything stories, real-life scenarios, workshops, practically how you can generate instant sales, how to leverage maximum extent the current capabilities of CRM.

This book focuses purely on how to generate sales from new and existing customers using CRM, to allow business to undergo sales transformation.

What is the book all about?

Anything and everything in this book focuses on those aspects of CRM that help you

• To get new customers
• To retain existing customers
• To generate even more sales

This book especially helps you to

• Get even more new customers
• Generate even more sales from existing customers
• Minimise customer loss
• Identify and explore various ways to acquire a customer
• Know why customers prefer to do business with you
• Identify your best customers and get more customers through referral
• Build even more personal relationships with customers, thereby building customer loyalty
• Define and develop lead management and sales processes to achieve predictable sales
• Support your customers to the optimum
• Identify and track over 40 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for sales, marketing, service, customer and salespersons
• Discover various tools to make your company even more productive and profitable

Who is this book for?

Anyone who is either using CRM or contemplating to use CRM to get new customers and generate sales.

• Business Owner
• CRM Consultant
• Sales Manager
• Marketing Manager
• Customer Service Manager
• CRM Sales Experts

This guide is applicable to small, medium and large size businesses as well as non-profit organizations.

How should I use it?

• First, check the chapter ‘Book Framework Explained’ to obtain an overview of the book, how each chapter relates to one another and to get an insight into the overall scheme of things.
• This book follows a logical sequence. However, each chapter can be read as a stand-alone chapter e.g. if you want to get more sales, for example, then read chapter 6 which is about sales.
• Mark the best ideas as you go along with a highlighter or jot them down in your notes.
• Complete each workshop at the end of each chapter.
• Read the book numerous times, each time you will get different insights.
• The action is critical; nothing happens until you become proactive and take action. I promise, taking action will produce results and breakthrough customer growth.

Why is the book unique?

The book focuses purely on how to generate sales from new and existing customers using CRM, to allow businesses to undergo sales transformation.

Unique features include:

• 156 ways to achieve sales using CRM.
• 365 actions or questions to help businesses generate even more sales.
• 15 business stories
• 15 side by side comparison of scenarios with and without CRM
• 86 fascinating facts.
• More than 132 mind-boggling quotes related to a particular chapter from the world’s top legends, thinkers, business leaders, management experts and sales leaders to give unique insight and inspiration

How is the book structured?

The book has fifteen chapters. Each chapter has been organised in the following way.

Quotes: Quotes applicable to each chapter topic.
Facts: Some facts related to the chapter topic.
Introduction: Introduction to the core issue the chapter is addressing. An imaginary business scenario is outlined with a brief explanation of the chapter topic. The reader is the central character.
Scenario: Short business story depicting the scenario where multiple characters are present to help the reader understand the underlying problems and solutions with respect to the chapter topic.
How can CRM help: It outlines ways to generate sales using CRM with respect to the chapter topic.
Workshop: How the reader can practically apply the concepts, ideas or strategies mentioned in the chapter.
Quotes: Chapter ends with quotes related to the chapter.

About Author

Hitesh Changela is CEO of an innovative, UK-based software company, CRM Ultimate. He stands with 18 years long experience of his successful career to help other innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses to write the same, preferably a better, success story.

Hitesh and his team developed CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software while working closely with clients. It’s one of the most comprehensive CRM software yet simple, effective and easy to use.

Hitesh and his team have developed another software Growth Workbook which is essentially a software to help businesses to win business. It has four components. A) Buyer persona B) Quiz/assessment 3) Survey 4) Growth modules.

Hitesh has written several books published on Amazon. His book has got excellent testimonials from the world-class CRM experts, billionaire and business experts.

Hitesh has published several eBooks.

Hitesh has designed unique Customer Growth Framework

Hitesh holds an MBA in Marketing and he lives in London, UK.
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