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Breakthrough Customer Growth Workbook: 15 Workshops to Help You Get and Retain Customers While Growing Sales Swiftly and Effectively E-Book

• Are you struggling to get new customers?
• Are you struggling to generate sales?
Breakthrough Customer Growth Workbook is for you if you want to get turnkey solutions or readymade action plans to get clients or generate sales now.

What is Growth Workbook?

This 156-page workbook: consists of 15 different workshops. It’s actions, questions and exercise invoke you emotionally and intellectually to enable you to generate creative solutions to improve and ultimately transform your business. It’s in eBook as well as in paperback book format.

Any single action or exercise in this workbook has the potential to transform your business.

Who is this book for?

Anyone who wants to grow, to close more deals, to land better clients and to generate more sales.

• Business Owner
• Business Coach/Consultant
• Sales Manager
• Marketing Manager
• Customer Service Manager

This workbook is applicable to small, medium and large size businesses as well as non-profit organizations.

What’s unique about it?

This workbook has been designed by spending hundreds of hours. It’s unique of its kind.

It is a turnkey solution and ready-made plans which you can implement NOW.

This Workbook is recommended by experts. Just refer to it whenever you need to generate sales and customers for your clients.

1. How to boost sales
2. How to improve marketing
3. How to improve lead management
4. How to establish a new sales process or rejuvenate an old one
5. How to convert your unconverted leads into customers
6. How to increase referrals
7. How to minimize lost deals or customers
8. How to define and leverage your best customers
9. How to improve follow-up
10. How to improve customer information
11. How to improve customer relationship
12. How to improve customer service
13. How to improve sales representative management
14. How to improve business intelligence
15. How to improve leveraging miscellaneous tools

How should I use it?

• First, check the chapter ‘Book Framework Explained’ to obtain an overview of the workbook, how each chapter relates to one another and to get an insight into the overall scheme of things.
• This workbook follows a logical sequence. However, each workshop can be used as a stand-alone e.g. if you want to get more sales, for example, then attend a workshop about sales.
• The action is critical; nothing happens until you become proactive and take action. I promise, taking action will produce results and breakthrough customer growth.
• You can always repeat the workbook process and achieve the same (or better) growth again and again. In fact, I insist you revisit this workbook at least once every three months. That way, you will be able to keep up with your growing business and customer base.
• My promise to you is that by using this workbook in a truthful manner, you will gain powerful sales ideas, as well as clear action plans on how to get new customers and generate more sales quickly, if not instantly.


• You can always get the print out of this eBook and do the exercise.
• Alternatively, you can use our ready-made user-friendly software to go through this exercise online.
• It would more effective and efficient to do using the software especially when multiple people want to do do this exercise.
• You can also add/update/delete modules as well as questions and exercises to suit your needs.
• Send an email to hitesh@getgrowthexperts.coms, if you want to find out more about software.

Surprise me

The best part of all is this workbook going to be updated frequently. That means we are constantly researching and updating so you can keep getting the best and the latest in the market.
You will get a PDF (3MB) file


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