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4 Types of Customers: How to Identify and Leverage them E-Book

• Do you know why leads get converted?
• Do you know why leads didn’t get convert?
• Do you know why customers keep coming to you?
• Do you know why a customer leaves you?

4 types of customers eBook introduce the novel concept. It explains what 4 types of customers are and how to get insights from each distinct customer group to take your business to next level.

What is the eBook all about?

Any businesses have 4 distinct customer groups.

• Type1: New Customers i.e. leads get converted
• Type2: Lost leads i.e. leads didn’t get converted
• Type3: Existing customers i.e. retained customers
• Type4: Lost Customers

Each type exhibits quite different behaviour. But it’s vital to understand their behaviour.

It could provide such powerful insights if used properly could transform your business.

How should I use it?

• Just pick-up the type e.g. Type1, Type2, Type3 or Type4 category.
• Use as it is or adapts questions as per your need.
• Use survey software of your choice. Please contact us if you want to use any or all of these survey using our software.
• The action is critical; nothing happens until you become proactive and take action. I promise, taking action will produce results and breakthrough success.
• You can always repeat the process to keep getting valuable insights.

Who is this book for?

Anyone who needs to acquire and retain customers. Also, understand key insights exhibited by each distinct 4 different types of customers.

• Entrepreneurs
• Company owners and directors
• CxOs
• Marketing Managers, Heads of marketing or digital
• Sales managers
• Marketing professionals
• Business Consultants or coach

This guide is applicable to small, medium and large size businesses as well as non-profit organizations.

How is the guide structured?


• TYPE1: New Customer Bought
• TYPE2: New Customer Not Bought
• TYPE3: Existing Customer Stayed
• TYPE4: Existing Customer Left
• Conclusion

Surprise me

The best part of all is this eBook going to be updated frequently. That means we are constantly researching and updating so you can keep getting the best and the latest in the market.

About Author

Hitesh Changela is CEO of an innovative, UK-based software company, CRM Ultimate. He stands with 18 years long experience of his successful career to help other innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses to write the same, preferably a better, success story.

Hitesh and his team developed CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software while working closely with clients. It’s one of the most comprehensive CRM software yet simple, effective and easy to use.

Hitesh and his team have developed another software Growth Workbook which is essentially a software to help businesses to win business. It has four components. A) Buyer persona B) Quiz/assessment 3) Survey 4) Growth modules.

Hitesh has written several books published on Amazon. His book has got excellent testimonials from the world-class CRM experts, billionaire and business experts.

Hitesh has published several eBooks.

Hitesh has designed unique Customer Growth Framework

Hitesh holds an MBA in Marketing and he lives in London, UK.
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