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Research, Audits & Strategy

Know your market, competitors & customers.
Win more customers.


Website Analytics: how well is your website currently working? Where are the blocks to conversion? Design, structure, user flow, user acquisition and behaviour

Social Media Audit: Platforms, messages, audiences. What is and isn’t working and where can improvements be made to brand positioning, messaging, scheduling, imagery and contents

Search engine optimisation (SEO) and Content Marketing: Current performance, target keyword research, site technical and contents review of existing blog and landing pages

Online Audit: Online Visibility, Reputation, Online Competition Insights

Industry Research

• Overall Market, Competitors, Product Based Research etc.
• The current challenges of market.
• Who your target market is?
• What business problems we solve for your customers?
• Which lead sources generate customers for you?
• Who your competitors are?
• Why customers choose you or buy from you?
• Why customers leave you?
• Target Market and message


Customer Research

Audience Analysis: Audience Gender, Sites they visit, Call To Actions on the sites & social media pages that attracts the audiences, Average customer value on top competitor sites.
Where can your target audience be found online: behaviours and patterns
Brand Audit & Persona: Personalised Report for Your own brand/business using our proprietary platforms.
Define Buyer Persona
• Ensure our messaging will be on brand and appropriate for the campaign.

Competitor Research

• What do your competitors do well and not so well?
• How do you benchmark within your industry?
• We identify top Ranking competitors and produce a detailed report on
• what their lead generation / sales strategy is,
• what sites they are appearing on, advertising on, and linking from,
• What keywords they are ranking for
• What their core propositions are.
• Social Media analysis of top performing social media handles in the industry and strategy they are using

Strategy & Recommendation

• Get strategy reports and consulting from one of the Growth Experts based on the research and analysis.
• Suggested Marketing strategy and the pathway to capture a fair share of market among other player.
• Suggested Marketing Plan.

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