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Breakthrough Customer Growth

How any Luxury Business can get a New Customers Today and Every Day

Are you struggling to get new customers?

Are you struggling to generate sales?

Are you struggling to grow your business?

Breakthrough Customer Growth for Luxury Business provides one the most powerful framework specific for Luxury Business to grow.

What this eBook is all about?

For any Luxury Business three things are critical.

1) Get new customers
2) Retain existing customers
3) Generating sales

This eBook provides help in all above three vital areas.

How can you use this guide?

There are multiple usages. Few of them could be:

• 30 items considered as luxury which you can sell? What others can you sell as well?
• Identify with the kind of the challenges being faced by Luxury Business
• Identify or define your target audience. You must focus your limited resources, time and energy on those customers whom you can help better than anybody else so they can be your loyal customers for years to come.
• From the list of 29 factors which influence people to buy luxury products, identify which specific factors influence your customer.
• It’s very important to understand which lead sources, generating a customer for you. From the list of 35 lead sources identify which is the best? Which lead sources are not working? Which new lead sources you can try? So you can optimise the performance.
• Identify your true competitors. Your competitors may not be what you may think.
• Peter Drucker, the legendary management expert said, “Company rarely knows the reason why customers buy from them.” Identify what the exact reasons why customers buy from you from the list of 40 reasons.
• Identify and relate with all the 18 reasons why customers may stop coming to you. It’s better to fix first leaky bucket before keeps pouring water into it.
• Go through 25 questions, exercises, if possible with your team to identify all the opportunities to generate customers and more sales.

Who is this eBook for?

Anyone who is associated with Luxury Business such as

• Independent Luxury Business Owner
• Luxury Business Company Owners/Partners
• Managers in Luxury Business
• Business Consultant to Luxury Business
• Marketing Agency specialised for Luxury Business

How is this eBook structured?

1. Introduction
2. Some of the luxury items
3. The challenges of Luxury Businesses
4. Customer Growth Framework Ask these 6 Questions
Q1. Who our target market is?
Q2. What motivates people to buy luxury products?
Q3. Which lead sources generate customers for us?
Q4. Who our competitors are?
Q5. Why customers choose us or buy from us?
Q6. Why customers leave us?
5. 25 Questions each Luxury Business should ask to get new customers NOW
6. Conclusions

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